The Clumsy Cat’s Fall


Silverstream sat by the frozen river.  It was really quite beautiful.

ThunderClan.  She smelled them easily.  They smelled disgusting.  

It was obviously a border patrol, with three cats, a red-orange cat, a grey cat and a small golden-brown apprentice.  Silverstream watched as the big grey cat stepped on the thin ice.  It cracked under his weight.  With a mighty crack, it broke completely


           The red-orange warrior gasped. “Greystripe!”

Silverstream watched as the clumsy grey cat fell in the river.  “Ahhhhhh. . . .blub blub blub blub blub blub. . . . ”

“Well, clumsy cat,  I guess I’ll have to save you,”

Silverstream sighed and dived in after him.

The water was swift and cold, but that didn’t bother Silverstream.  She was RiverClan by blood and it took more than a river to stop her.

She quickly saw a  big grey shape franticly squirming, trying hard to not be washed away.

His mouth formed the word Help! but all that came out was bubbles.  Silverstream fought the urge to giggle.  He looked ridiculous.

She swam towards him and hauled him towards the shore.  He was really quite heavy.

Sihe finally managed to dump the cat to the ThunderClan side of the river where his friend was waiting.

“Just a suggestion,” said Silverstream. “Don’t fall into the water.  I’m not going to save you again.”

As the cats left she felt an unfamiliar feeling in her heart.  Love.

“I’ll love you forever,” she whispered, then added, “If you stop being so clumsy.”

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