A feral cat hunts birds

A feral cat hunts birds


Follow your paws as they lead you to the amazing series Warriors!

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What is Warriors?Edit

Warriors is a wonderful series by Erin Hunter.  It is a book about cats in the wild, who are split into 4 different Clans, ThunderClan, WindClan, ShadowClan, and RiverClan.

What are Clans?Edit

Clans are groups of cats that live together, hunt together, and fight together (yes, fight) to enchance there chance of survival.  Now, this does not mean that Warriors is all peaceful.  These  Clans are naturally rivals, so there are battles sometimes.  They each have distinct territorys and patrol the borders often and do not let the other Clans take their food, as that could endanger their survival.  Here is a description of each Clan:

ThunderClan: Fierce & Brave                       ShadowClan: Wily & Proud

lives: in the woods                                           lives: in marshes, pine forests

personality: kindest Clan, strong, brave      personality: proud, arrogant          

reputation: weak in the sense that                reputation: bad, because of

they have been known to take in kittypets.   terrible leaders

prey: mice, squirrells, birds                            prey: frogs and lizards

RiverClan: Clever & Strong                           WindClan: Swift & Loyal

lives: by river, islands                                        lives: on the moor

personality: kind(ish), fair                                personality: fast, alert, jumpy

reputation: weak, mostly because they         reputation: weak, because they are known to flee quickly due to the

are well fed (that's not really a weakness)    little cover on the moor

prey: mostly fish, sometimes water voles     prey: primarily rabbits, sometimes birds

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